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Your Plan B should include Network Marketing

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 Thank you for your interest in the What's your Plan B TeleSeminars. When you complete a Series you will be empowered with specific Knowledge and Skills that will enable you to move forward by selecting your Plan B vehicle with Surety and  Confidence. The skills learned throughout the Series should enable you to embark on your Plan B and achieve Success if you apply the lessons and take action on a consistent basis. The Formula for Success in Direct Marketing as a viable and rewarding business is to find a small group of people who will do a few simple things over a long period of time. Introducing your business partners to What's your Plan B TeleSeminars is a great way to insure their success which in turn, should assure YOUR success.

In addition, Individual Business, Skills or Life/Goal Coaching is available for those who prefer that venue. Please use the Contact CMTC section to inquire about an Individual Coaching Progam tailored to your individual needs. Individual Coaching may be conducted in person, via telephone or web conferencing, as you prefer.

RS Mallory, CEO
Compassionate Marketing Training Center

Each series includes an outline, MP3 recording and a personal consultation as well as skills training, tools, resources and help with personal goal setting.

Each series runs for a consecutive 4 weeks. The cost for each TeleSeminar is $75 per week with a minimum of one (1) complete series @ $297.95 per series payable in advance through PayPal.

Series One - is a package of 4 Teleseminars defining & discussing Direct Marketing as a profession, teaching the essential skills in order to properly evaluate and select an ethical company.

Series Two is a "Getting Started" training that teaches generic steps to take to lay a foundation for your success in your chosen Home Based Business. 



We encourage you to ask questions. Submit your question(s) at Contact CMTC and receive a personal response and Free Gift before you decide to enroll in a Training Series!