Transition to a Financially Secure Future

Your Plan B should include Network Marketing

About RS Mallory

RS Mallory has extensive experience as an educator who taught for several decades. She has been in the Network Marketing Industry for 14+ years and has spent the past 5 years with one Direct Marketing company as one of the top 5 marketers. Her talents include developing leaders, building organizations and training on several Continents.  RS has either participated in or produced training events in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Australia and at home to beautiful Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,  Las Vegas, Falls Church VA and Tampa, Florida. Each year RS enjoys participating in training events on the high seas whilst cruising with several professional Networking Groups. Her success in the industry and passion for teaching others and helping them achieve THEIR goals and dreams has provided RS the opportunity to shift her focus towards helping those who are, in these economic times, seeking a Plan B; their own pathway to financial freedom.

  •  RS Mallory is not only a member of The Distributor Rights Association, a non profit organization for those in The Network Marketing and Direct Sales professions, she sits on the Board of Directors as the designated Executive Director of Education for the past 2 years.
  • She is a monthly contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine which is one of the premier professional online publications focused on the education of those in this innovative and lucrative industry.
  • RS spent 3 decades as an educator before training and coaching in the the Network Marketing arena.
  • She was CCO (Chief Communications Officer) of a Network Marketing company where she made an impact on the lives of many by developing curriculae, teaching and developing leaders to conduct successful teleseminars of their own, teaching skill sets and developing tools, and, produced several events including a 4 day International event in Las Vegas that included guest speaker, Claeus Nobel. Her teaching experience and ineraction with the company's distributors enabled RS to help grow an organization of 35,000 people. Her keen ability to relate to individuals, discern their learning aptitude and deliver rich content to them has enabled her to help thousands of people attain financial success ove the years.
  • RS is a monthly guest on The Tom Chenault Radio Show representing The DRA, has appeared on many other industry Radio Shows including MLM Diva and has been interviewed and trained for many industry leaders.

 RS is presently working on her book, Compassionate Marketing in the 21st Century which will be completed in 2009 and has developed the Compassionate Marketing Training Center and the What's Your Plan B Series to insure that those affected by the present economic crisis are educated and might develop and grow a solid and strong foundation in order to succeed in their endeavor as a Business owner. Her generic blog, Compassionate Marketing offers myriad tips, suggestions and articles on personal growth for those that are working towards acheiving their success.  

                 RS visiting the Castles of Austria after a 2 week training in The UK

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