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Your Plan B should include Network Marketing

What The Compassionate Marketing Training Center offers You

 Welcome to the Compassionate Marketing Training Center. Todays' economy has many executives and middle management scrambling to hold onto their jobs, or looking for a way to develop their Plan B.  Most people do not have a Plan B nor have they thought about establishing one!

What is and Why should you have a Plan B?  Baby boomers and their parents were taught to go to school, get an education and find a job that they could stay in for 30+ years and then retire. The next few generations created another "job philosophy" and shifted to one that included jumping from position to position rather than creating stability and job security. The present tenuous economic times have taken toll on both philosphies leaving the US and global population in a tizzy WITHOUT any forethought to creating an alternative path to insure their financial security. If you are a Baby Boomer, you relied on your retirement and loyalty to one company. If you are any of the newer generations, you relied on an abundant job market disregarding the seemingly "old fashioned" concept of financial security.

MOST PEOPLE NEVER REALIZED THE NECESSITY OF CREATING A PERSONAL "PLAN B'', their alternative option for creating and maintaining financial health and security in the present AND for the future!

So What's Your Plan B  ?

 Direct Marketing is a good industry to be looking at, especially for those with good intra and extra personal skills. Communication skills are an essential part of relationship, and are worth their weight in Platinum for someone who wishes to pursue success in the Direct Marketing profession.

 Direct Marketing (sometimes referred to as Network Marketing) is nothing more than a new paradigm for creating Residual income by cutting out the middlemen. Those of you in Corporate or business positions  will especially appreciate the opportunities that this provides. Whether you are at the top of your profession, in the middle or even in an entry level position in Corporate America you have realized that all energy expended each and every day flows up each level of management until it gets to you. You are not rewarded (but usually receive salary and perhaps a bonus) for the work performed by all those employed by the Corporation; your reward is only a small fraction of what it would be if you OWNED the company. When you transition to and create a business in Direct Marketing, you are rewarded for ALL the efforts of others who are working with you, creating a true and recurring Residual Income.

The Compassionate Marketing Training Center helps those who wish to transition from their previous career and create financial security for themselves and their families' by imparting knowledge and teaching individual skills and tools requisite to attaining success. You will learn how to focus on and develop the ability to control your earning potential, learn how to create “residual income”, learn how to control your income streams and essentially learn how to control your personal income portfolio.**

Dr. Ketih Laggos wrote the first comprehensive College textbook on the Direct Selling profession

DIRECT SALES An Overview  

and Dr. Charles King, full professor at University of Illinois was one of the first to acknowledge Network Marketing as a viable industry. He has established excellent coursework and degree program for Direct Marketing at least a decade ago and today, you will find programs at higher institutions of learning such as Harvard University. Dr. King wrote 

The New Professionals: The Rise of Network Marketing As the Next Major Profession  

which fast became a best seller.

The Direct Marketing profession provides many benefits including the ability to take advantage of a plethora of tax benefits that homebased business owners enjoy. In his latest Book, Tax Specialist Ron Mueller outlines specific tax code and more than 100 legitimate deductions for those who are in a Home Based Business.

Other benefits include

  • Time Freedom
  • Financial Freedom

Perhaps you have been working 40-60 hours a week and missed your childrens formative years. Time Freedom avails you the opportunity to now work at home and never miss a soccer game, Orchestra Show or School Play again. Road Warriors experience new depths in their personal relationships and family life as they are no longer on the road and are able to participate in and actually  BE part of the family unit once again. Corporate Executives find their family life rich and rewarding now that they have created time freedom along with their financial freedom. Plumbers, electricians and teachers are also rewarded with the gift of time and financial freedoms awarded those who delve into a Direct Marketing Business ALL tasting the sweet reward of success!

Travel the world with your children and have them learn first hand, in your    countries or destinations of choice rather than learning from a book! Enjoy Sydney Harbor, the boggs of Ireland or even The Lake District in Northwestern UK!

What about you?  What would time freedom and financial security mean for you?                                                                                          

 The Compassionate Marketing Training Center provides education and tools ( a blueprint) so that you might develop and follow your Plan B allowing you to increase your family's wealth and secure your financial future by establishing your own Home Based Business. The Center provides a series of educational Teleseminars that serve to educate those who are interesting in creating their Plan B.                            

The Compassionate Marketing Training Center offers several Teleseminar Series. Each series consist of  one (1)teleseminar a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

  • The first series is for those who wish to learn about Direct Marketing, discusses the potential in the profession and delivers skill sets like HOW to evaluate and identify an ethical company, and how to select a company to associate with.

  • The second series is a "Getting Started" training that teaches generic steps to take to lay a foundation for your success in your chosen Home Based Business.  Skills, tools, resources and a personal consultation are included in each Series

The Center also provides support and continuing education for those who wish to participate in ongoing personal growth or education.

 The Compassionate Marketing Training Center welcomes people from all industries, background and education. Your success is determined on your ability to be flexible and learn a new paradigm in business, or rather, a new way of looking at business. We look forward to helping you develop a solid foundation that will enable you to build a solid and secure financial portfolio** for yourself and your family.

Learn more about how a career in direct marketing can generate financial security for you.  View a 2 minute presentation here. Be sure and contact us with any questions that you might have, and remember, each student at The Compassionate Marketing Training Center receives a personal consulation to help them determine their future success.

We encourage you to ask questions. Submit your question(s) at  Contact CMTC and receive a personal response and  Free Gift.